Kutztown Borough police are investigating a shooting that took place at the intersection of South White Oak and Main Street early Saturday morning.
Around 2:30 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 10, a group of three males confronted a group of seven males.
“There was no physical altercation,” Chief of Police Craig Summers said in a phone interview Tuesday afternoon.
Summers said that there was just a verbal altercation between the two groups.
After the groups split apart, one of the suspects in the truck took a nine-millimeter gun and shot a few rounds into the air.
A police officer was nearby and pursued the suspects in the car. After taking shots at the suspects’ tires, the car was stopped and the three men riding in the car were arrested. They were later released without being charged with anything.
Summers said that police know the identities of the suspects and is anticipating arrests. The identities of the suspects cannot be released because they have not been formally charged with anything yet.
Summers believes that this is an individual incident and that the investigation into this incident has not shown any sign of gang actitivy.


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