1,400 vote at KU

The polls opened in Kutztown in the Keystone Hall at 7 a.m. and people were lined up ready to vote, according to Belkis Ramos who was in charge of running the polls at KU.
In the last hour that the polls were open, only a handful of people were in the Keystone Hall, but many people came during the day.
“Most people came earlier this morning and throughout the afternoon,” said Karen Feridun.
A few minutes after 9 p.m. NBC news announced that President Obama won Pa.
“I believe that the majority of college students will vote for a democratic candidate, “ Feridun said.
Feridun believes that reelecting President Obama and Biden will give students a better chance for education and even jobs in the future.
“With a Biden and Obama ticket, students will get the opportunity to have their education funded the way they need to,” Feridun said.
Feridun also believes that a vote for Obama is a vote for green jobs that will provide more opportunities to students.
“There are economic benefits to investing in green energy,” Feridun said, “They will create more jobs for students and will not put the government into debt.”
The president has been criticized about his over investing in clean energy. President Obama has, since being elected into office invested $26 billion of a $90 billion budget.
Feridun said that after standing outside of The Keystone Hall all day, she estimates that 1,400 people came to the polls
“I think that people are always dissatisfied, and those people are the ones who will vote for Romney,” Feridun said.
As of 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday night President Obama was up 158 electoral votes to Romney’s 153.

By Dan Clark

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