October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Kappa Psi, the KU chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) makes sure that the cause is known all over the campus.
The sorority is collecting pink lids from Yoplait yogurts to raise money for breast cancer. Boxes collecting these lids can be found all around campus. ZTA’s Director of Philanthropy at KU, Marissa Fattore, plans the breast cancer awareness events on campus. According to Fattore, ZTA is nationally affiliated with Yoplait. Yoplait donates $.05 for every lid collected through its “Save Lids to Save Lives” campaign. According to Zetataualpha.org, the national organization hopes to accumulate a total of approximately 500,000 lids, which would donate $25,000 to their foundation.
Barbara Reitz, Kappa Psi’s advisor, said that each year they collect more lids than the year before. She said the goal is to keep growing from one year to the next.
“The main goal is to get as many lids as possible and to raise as much money as possible,” said Fittore.
“With every lid we collect, we know we are helping someone, somewhere,” said ZTA member Stephanie Ardizzone.
Kappa Psi’s yogurt eating contest will take place on Oct. 13, the day of the Homecoming football game. The girls will be on the DMZ holding the contests. The event is free to sign up for and there will be contests for males and females. The lids from the yogurts will go towards the Yoplait donations. According to the KU chapter’s Vice President Caitlin Grauel, the event was opened to the university to spread more awareness about breast cancer.
“A lot of girls join the sorority for the cause,” said Fattore.
Abbey Patterson, for example, joined ZTA for its philanthropy.
Breast cancer awareness and education has been the national philanthropy for ZTA for over 20 years.
“[Breast cancer] touches everyone’s lives in some shape or form,” said Reitz.
Other organizations besides Yoplait are associated with ZTA. 28 of the 32 NFL teams are connected with ZTA, according to Grauel. NFL and ZTA have been linked by the “A Crucial Catch” campaign since 1999. Kappa Psi attended the New York Giants game on Oct. 7, helping hand out pink merchandise. Grauel anticipates that the organization raised a lot of money during the game.
They will also be handing out pink ribbons, face painting pink ribbons, hosting a duck pond game, and selling baked goods, t-shirts and other breast cancer awareness at the Pink Out KU football game on Oct. 27.
ZTA hands out self-examination instructions at these games, emphasizing early detection to prevent the disease that affects many women.
According to Grauel, Kappa Psi is planning a Remembrance Night for those who lost the battle with breast cancer. During recruitment, girls decorated luminaries to honor the victims on the night of the vigil. The chapter is currently determining a date for this event.
The Kappa Psi chapter of ZTA is making sure the community is fully aware of the prevalence of breast cancer and how important it is to support the cause.
“The feeling that you know you’re saving a life hits home at the end of the day,” said Fattore.

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