Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has been chosen to host the 2013 Oscars. After his comedic faux pas at the 2012 Emmy Awards—he walked to the wrong point on stage and after being directed by a stage manager, making the joke, “That’s what happens when you don’t come to rehearsal. This is definitely going to be on YouTube,”—it appears he became a running candidate for the job.
MacFarlane is also the co-creator of American Dad! and The Cleveland Show, a Family Guy spin-off. This summer, he made his directorial debut with the hit film Ted. MacFarlane wrote the screenplay, served as producer of the film, and was the voice of the teddy-bear star. As of September 2012, Ted has earned over $434 million, making it Universal’s highest grossing film of the year and the only one to surpass the $400 million mark. It is also the highest-grossing original English-language R-rated comedy ever overseas.
Although this will be MacFarlane’s first stint at hosting an annual award show, he has hosted Saturday Night Live and has served as Roast Master on Comedy Central Roasts of stars including Charlie Sheen, David Hasselhoff and Donald Trump. MacFarlane’s experience with comedic programming is certain to rein in more of the young male demographic which, according to, the Academy has been “eager to court but has previously had little success with.”
Producer Neil Meron has stated that he is excited with the “spark” MacFarlane could bring to the table, and also the audience boost. “We embrace everything about Seth,” said Meron.
MacFarlane realizes that he may have to tone down his normal demeanor for the show, but admits that it took him little convincing to agree to the gig.
“The tone is something we’re really going to be very conscientious of,” said MacFarlane, “The trick will be to stay honest about what I do, but at the same time recognize that this is the Academy Awards. Some adaptation will be necessary.”
Less known about MacFarlane is what he has accomplished with his musical career. He is a skilled pianist and singer, and in 2009 he appeared as a vocalist at the BBC Proms, an annual eight-week summer season of daily orchestral classical concerts in Britain.
MacFarlane added about the award show, “There’s nothing I love more than being around orchestras. That’s something we’ll be making use of, I’m sure.”
The 2013 Oscars will be held on Feb. 24 in Los Angeles at the Hollywood and Highland center, formerly known as the Kodak Theater. Nominees will be announced a month before that on Jan. 15., just two days after the likely date of the Golden Globes awards.

By Taylor Zimmerman

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