KU Students and alumni help clean the theater while learning about the future plans for the Strand

By Dana Wentz

The Stand Theatre, which is currently shut down, is in the process of restoration and remodeling. On Tuesday Oct. 24th from 1-3 PM, a group of KU students and alumni took a historic tour of the building, learned about the renovation plans, and volunteered to help clean up the theater.

Kutztown students and alumni clean up trash outside the Strand Theatre
Photo Credit: Nicole Barbarito

While touring The Strand Theatre, the group was informed of the phenomenal plans set in place to revamp the cinema. The Kutztown Community Partnership, who bought the building back in 2022, created ideas to improve the building and the atmosphere of the theater. The Strand will continue to serve affordable food and show reasonably priced movies for the Kutztown community along with the new components that will enhance the theater.

One plan is to incorporate a beer garden outside of the Strand Theatre to create a community space. This outdoor dining and seating area will be outside the back of the building. After a movie is over, people can congregate, hangout, and enjoy some delicious food and spirits. Additionally, there is a possibility for professors, or other knowledgeable people, to lead discussions with the group of people in the beer garden about the movie they just watched.

The Strand Theatre marquee sign
Photo Credit: Nicole Barbarito

Sandy Green, the community liaison for the Kutztown Community Partnership and someone who has been greatly connected to the theater, explained, “The Strand will remain a theater which shows cheap movies with snacks. They will obtain their liquor license to sell wine and spirits to enjoy while watching movies.”

While learning of the plans set in place for the Strand Theatre, the Kutztown University students and alumni helped clean the building and the surrounding area. They specifically spent their time straightening up the beer garden and taking out trash that has been left behind. In the screening rooms, the students and alumni grabbed garbage and cleaned walkways.

An old fashioned popcorn machine sits inside the theater
Photo Credit: Nicole Barbarito

A great deal of work must be done to the Strand to renovate and revamp the old, musty building that stands. Students and alumni learned about the necessary reconditioning efforts such as the placement of modern HVAC and ADA compliant bathrooms.

 The group of individuals that visited the Strand Theatre were able to gain extensive insight into the future plans for the theater and helped in their restoration efforts.


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