How service can serve your family

By Miguel A Hernandez

The Folds of Honor is a non-profit organization, and its core mission is to assist military members with the opportunity to further their education by awarding a scholarship. Eligible veterans or family members must apply and be selected for it. First-year Karis Toothman is a recent recipient of the scholarship at KU.

Karis and Andrew Toothman
Photo Credit: Karis Toothman

Karis is eligible for the scholarship due to her father’s service. Gunnery Sergeant Andrew Toothman served in the Marine Corps for 12 and a half years where his military occupational specialty was Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD). EOD Technicians locate, identify, render safe, and explosively dispose of foreign and domestic ordnance. In 2014, GySgt Toothman was medically discharged due to mental and physical injuries related to his amazing service. Being a daughter to a veteran, Karis is aware of the selfless actions of men and women who decide to sacrifice themselves and is proud to say her father is one of those examples.        

One of the values that Mr. Toothman provides is educational opportunities for his daughter. When Karis was asked what the value of a veteran is, her response was, “The service members all choose a unique path in life in which they have unique experiences. These service members are then able to come back and articulate their perspectives on what is going on in the world and share their experiences. This allows awareness to the military. Also, military members have the courage to potentially sacrifice their lives to provide nationwide security. I am proud of my dad and thankful for our military.”


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