Sessions scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:15

By Lauryn Fosbenner

Spin classes have been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years due to their great cardiovascular, muscular, and endurance workouts. While spin classes are not new to KU, they are newly student-led by education major, Halee Deemer.. 

Deemer was hired last spring by the recreation center to take over teaching spin. “I started taking classes in high school then decided to get my certification to teach,” said Deemer. 

The classes have had great turnout, with most being completely full, according to Deemer.

Deemer is not focused just on the physical aspects of spin but the positive effect it has on mental health, “I try not to make it stressful, where your body is in pain. Instead, I encourage people to let go of stuff and go at their own pace.” She wants attendees to leave the workout feeling accomplished and that they have done something to take care of their bodies. 

These classes have been popular for beginners and experienced cyclers alike. Each cyclist can customize their workout using resistance on the bikes, allowing them to control the difficulty of their workout and build their way up as they improve. 

Those who find it more motivating to exercise with a group of people and be instructed will also find success in these classes. Deemer called it an “individualized group exercise.”

Each session features a mix of genres of music for a dynamic experience. This keeps the classes everchanging and interesting so it is not the same exact workout every time.

There are only 20 spots available that open up one week prior to the class and they fill up fast. Sign up here.


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