Vaccinations available at CVS and Rite-Aid in Kutztown

By Gina Glantz

The FDA recently approved another bivalent vaccination for COVID-19. The booster shots will be available as of September 11. 

Graphic by Kate North

Kutztown University students who wish to update their COVID-19 vaccinations can receive their free booster shot at the CVS pharmacy, located on Constitution Boulevard, or Rite-Aid, located at the corner of E Main Street and North Elm.

Students can schedule a vaccination appointment on the CVS or Rite-Aid COVID-19 vaccination appointment page.

The shuttle bus can take students near the CVS and Rite-Aid on its “off-campus” loop. The routes and pick-up times can be located on MyKU under the “campus information” page. 

The new COVID-19 shot is available for people who received either the original or a booster vaccination at least two months ago, meaning anyone who has had a booster within the last two months is ineligible.

According to Dr. Mandy Cohen, director of the CDC, “COVID-19 vaccines are the best way to give the body the ability to keep the virus from causing significant harm.”

COVID-19 is a virus that can evolve over time, which is why bivalent vaccinations are made. Dr. Cohen states, “our vaccines need to be updated to match the changed virus.” 

Without a vaccination or any of the coronavirus boosters, people can still be infected by the virus. Dr. Cohen explains, “even though many Americans have been exposed to previous versions of the virus…that protection decreases over time. This is partly why you can get Covid more than once …That’s why the C.D.C. is recommending an updated Covid-19 vaccine, which is better matched to the currently circulating virus, for everyone age 6 months and older.”

This current bivalent booster vaccination targets COVID-19 variants related to XBB, which is a branch of the omicron variant.

There are two vaccines available: Pfizer and Moderna. People 12 years and older can receive a Pfizer vaccination, and those 18 years and older can receive Pfizer or Moderna. 


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