Sophomore student is active on campus

By Gina Glantz

CA Faith Wood
Photo Credit: Gina Glantz

Faith Wood—an art and literature lover—communicates with people for her job.

Wood is a Community Assistant (CA) at KU. She is majoring in communication design with a focus on illustration. Although she’s a sophomore, she has a career in mind: designing logos and posters.

Outside the classroom, Wood participates in the Design Alliance (AIGA), hall council and the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). She explained AIGA helped her make connections with others in her major. “Also, it’s helping me learn more about design, which I’m very interested in,” she said.

She also sells art commissions. Currently, she is making a character sheet and a self-portrait that depicts how a person can change behavior in front of others.

Wood came to KU in the fall of 2021. She chose this school because it is close to her home and it has a notable focus on art. Before KU, she attended Pennsbury High School in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. While there, she participated in the Reading Olympics for three years until COVID-19 interjected.

Wood admitted she loves literature. Her favorite book is “Neverwhere” by Stephen King because her father used to read it to her. It was also the first book she independently read.

When discussing her past, Wood said, “I used to have really bad social anxiety, and talking to people was really hard, and through a lot of hard work and practice, I now do it as a job.” Social anxiety can prevent people from communicating with others. However, she overcame this obstacle, and now she communicates with multiple people as a CA.

Wood became a CA four weeks ago. Previously, she worked as a desk receptionist (DR) for Bonner Hall. She stated, “I really enjoyed my position as DR, and my favorite aspect of it was connecting with the individual residents.” Due to a lack of CAs at Bonner, she applied for the position. She said becoming a CA allowed her to form more connections with her residents, which is why she enjoys this position.

In the future, Wood sees herself living in a tiny New York apartment with lots of dogs and plants. She loves the busy city and the networking possibilities New York offers. She hopes to make websites and design projects as a career.

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