It’s been five years and one pandemic since the last logo overhaul

By Michael Alberto and Dr. Downing

The last time The Keystone Newspaper changed its logo was in 2018. The COVID pandemic hadn’t occurred, and Keystone staff still produced five print editions each semester.

Keystone News Designs New Logo
New Logo Graphic by Katherine North
Video Edited/Animated by Victoria Fischer

Fast forward to 2023: The pandemic has (mostly) come and gone and there are no more print editions of the newspaper (the cost became way too high, compounded by the fact that students almost exclusively access news through their phones). 

In addition, we have evolved the publication to become The Keystone Newspaper Student Publishing Group, which means—while we will continue to cover campus news just like any traditional college newspaper—we have also expanded our publishing mission by encouraging the submission of capture-the-moment campus photographs, video coverage of campus events, the creation of podcasts (in collaboration with KUR Radio), and the submission of condensed academic papers (to create a record of the types of research KU students have been conducting as the years go by).

Staff members have also changed over the years, and it is now time for the current staff to express their unique personalities by re-imagining the branding elements associated with The Keystone.

With this in mind, I firmly believe that the logo change to the Keystone Newspaper Student Publishing Group accurately reflects the changes the paper has undergone and is currently undergoing. My thanks to Dr. Downing for his endless support.

Thanks also to staff for their ongoing efforts: Linda Zuniga for supervising the production process, Conor Doherty for writing sports-related articles and for producing podcasts featuring interviews with KU coaches and players, Kaitlyn Resline for writing more than a dozen campus news articles over the last year, Fern Theobaldo Panise who joined the staff last semester and has been producing article after article, Gavin Riley who has contributed numerous sports articles, Ava Lobach who has copy edited more than 100 articles, Abby Regensburger whose tireless efforts at promoting The Keystone have increased our number of followers significantly, Caitlin Love who oversees the budget and recently made sure that two of our staff were able to attend the College Media Advisors Conference in NYC, and finally Kate North who designed the new logo and banner.

Thanks to all and best of luck as we close out the semester!


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