Teel’s passion for music comes from being the lead singer in self-made band, Condor 

By Nicole Barbarito

By studying music education at KU and being the lead singer of a local alternative indie rock band called Condor, Jonah Teel believes he is gaining diverse “field experience” while learning to become an advantageous music teacher.

Jonah Teel performing at Sweeny’s, a bar and restaurant in Philadelphia, PA on Dec. 12, 2022.
Photo Credit: Nicole Barbarito

Teel finds inspiration from his band and choir teacher from his high school, Brandywine Heights, and how they developed him as a musician and person. With his passion for music, he seeks to do the same thing as his mentors by becoming a music teacher. 

Specifically, he hopes to introduce music theory to eager students in his classroom. He swelled with excitement when discussing the topic. Teel said, “I love music theory … I don’t know why … it’s the way someone loves ratios and equations in math.” 

Attempting to explain how music theory changed his perspective on music, he said, “I look at music differently now, especially jazz. I hear harmonies differently; they are ‘crunchy.’” He uses these “ah-ha” perspective changes to keep the ball rolling in his local band with his friends Aiden (last name), Owen (last name) and Sean (last name) as they continue to make a mark with their self-made group.

Condor is the real reason for his passion toward music, the glue to his degree and the reason he aims to connect with his future students. He has been a part of Condor since Sept. 22, 2018, he said, flashing a picture from their first-ever practice with the exact time stamp. 

Since then, his band has performed at many gigs around the Philadelphia area, like for small businesses and audiences in basements who are just as passionate about music as he is. 

Currently, Teel’s band is working on their first album, titled “Wallpaper World.” For Teel, writing is cathartic and gives him a sense of relief during his journey through early adulthood while experiencing things like love, heartbreak, freedom and experimentation. 

All the members of Condor: Sean, Owen, Aiden, and Jonah before performing at Free Fall Action Park in Quakertown, PA on Oct. 22, 2022.
Photo Credit: Nicole Barbarito

Specifically, his song “Fake Hippy/Demon” allowed him to reflect on the aftermath of a long-term relationship: “It allowed me to internalize the experience, be introspective and accept the loss that comes with life.” 

With songs like this that produce a reflection of similar experiences of people his age, Teel hopes he can connect with his audience above all things. “Lyrics are first for me… I write from a genuine perspective. I want people to connect. I want people to listen and feel it and feel the same way I felt when I listened to Radiohead for the first time.” 

Teel can be found in different music classes class nearly every day or performing live in the local area at places like Crystal Cave or Anthony’s Basement. Teel believes his dedication to critically listening to music, composing, performing, collaborating and, of course, music theory, is setting him up to be a diverse and unique music educator.

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