Alumni, parents and students can donate $1 for every inch a student-athlete attains on a vertical jump

By Molly Kutz

KU student-athletes will jump as high as possible on a vertical jump mat from February 13th to the 17th to participate in ‘Vertical for Valentine’s Day.’

Avalanche gets his vertical jump measured for Vertices for Valentine’s with KU’s football team cheering him on.
Video Credit: Molly Kutz

This fundraiser aims to raise funds to help provide student-athletes with a better experience in the Risley Weight room that will help prevent injuries and improve performance both in the weight room and on the field.

Coach Scott Hobbs and Coach Connor Lawn have made it their initiative to provide golden bear athletes with the best weight-room possible through equipment and competitive culture. To better the weight room, the coaches have asked friends, families, and alums to rally behind an athlete and donate $1 for every inch they achieve on a vertical jump.

The weight room is such a critical part of an athlete’s physical and sports journey as the lifting programs help athletes to develop a competitive edge as well as maximize their strength, speed, power, mobility, flexibility, and agility that help to optimize an athletes’ performance in their sport. All of these important factors also help reduce the risk of injuries.

Football defensive lineman, Earl Volz, says, “I will be participating in ‘Vertical for Valentine’s Day’  because this is a great opportunity to get our athletes involved in raising money for our strength and conditioning program that puts its all into making us better each and every day!”

Volz also said that Strength and conditioning is an essential part of the development of athletes, especially the football team, who genuinely appreciate all the coaches do. This event is an opportunity to help all parties involved by furthering the growth of KU facilities and ultimately assisting the development of golden bear athletes.

Senior women’s lacrosse Attacker, Morgan Hurd, states that she will be jumping because “the donation goes towards the weight room for future athletes.”

Hurd went on to say that ‘Vertical for Valentine’s Day’ is important because it is a fun way for athletes to test their vertical jump while raising money for a good cause. 

After learning the importance of the fundraiser and what it means to the athlete, there is only one question left.

Which athlete will you sponsor, and how high will they jump?

Click here to donate.


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