Live music with a wide variety of styles and genres.

By Victoria Fischer

Look forward to a ‘Night Out at KU’ on Saturday, Nov. 19, a live music concert hosted by KU student Quentin Thomas Brown. The concert will take place from 6-10 p.m. at the Rickenbach Theater (LC 135).

Video Edited by: Victoria Fischer
Music by: Quentin Thomas Brown

Brown is a senior majoring in Cinema, Television and Media, with a focus in audio production. “I’ve been organizing shows and parties in PA with friends and collaborators for the last few years and I wanted to bring the party to KU! Kutztown has so many amazing musicians and creatives, I thought it’d be a ton of fun to bring everyone together to throw a concert on campus,” he said about the upcoming event.

He is a co-founder of the music production studio Sample Memory and also DJs shows throughout the Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley and New Jersey area.

Quentin Thomas Brown, a CTM senior at KU, and fellow co-founder of Sample Memory, Griffin Moonstone.
Credit: Sent by Quentin

A ‘Night Out at KU’ will be showcasing music from indie and acoustic sets, from hip-hop to lo-fi jams. Each act will bring something new to the table.

“Free entry, too,” Brown added. “So get your whole squad together and come see KU’s finest musicians with some fantastic special guests!”

The musicians featured are:

    ⁃    The Blinds

    ⁃    Lanie Altmiller

    ⁃    Connor Gregory

    ⁃    Slightly West

    ⁃    Lance Shapiro

    ⁃    Griffin Moonstone

If you’re unable to attend in-person, the concert will be live streamed at, broadcasted by the Cinema, Television and Media department’s Live Event class taught by Professor Cara Cotellese.

For more information, contact Brown via Instagram @kindaquentin.

Night Out at KU
Credit: Poster for event, sent by Quentin


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