The podcast is hosted by Keystone Staff, and will feature news, interviews, and more.

By Abby Regensburger

Keystone News is collaborating with Kutztown University Radio (KUR) for “The Keystone Newspaper Podcast,” a podcast recorded in KUR’s studio and hosted by Keystone staff. The podcast will feature news, interviews and more.

President of KU Radio, James Zipprodt, with the station’s mascot, Pippa in one of the station’s studios. Photo Credit: Abby Regensburger

Episodes one and two are available to stream on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and include interviews with Cody Hawley, president of Spotlite Club, and James Zipprodt, president of KUR.

In episode one, Hawley discussed what Spotlite has to offer for students on campus. “The whole idea of Spotlite is to give students the opportunity to obtain out-of-class production experience. This is a chance to work on a professional film set right here at Kutztown University,” said Hawley.

Episode two gave insight into what KUR is. Zipprodt said, “KUR…is the radio voice of Kutztown University. We provide music and talk programming that’s listened to not only here on campus, but also around the world. We give students the opportunity to have their own shows here on KUR. We’re involved in a lot of events around campus and also plan projects off-campus.”

You can find “The Keystone Newspaper Podcast” on most audio streaming services by searching “KU Radio” on the app or website. You can also listen to the podcast during certain times of the day on KUR.


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