By Carin Holmes
News Editor

Tiffani Lincoln’s journey to joining the KU Acrobatics and Tumbling team began while searching for college gymnastics programs. She had been competing in gymnastics for 15 years, but the search for a gymnastics program did not work out in her favor. Then she started to be recruited by D2 and D3 Acrobatics and Tumbling teams. Lincoln visited KU and “fell in love with it immediately.”

Tiffani Lincoln (top) competes in KU Acrobatics and Tumbling Meet
Credit: Tami Lincoln

“It was a gift from God that Acrobatics and Tumbling was for my future,” Lincoln said.

Lincoln is a freshman top/tumbler on KU’s first ever Acrobatics and Tumbling team. The team’s historic first season has seen the KU team win three meets and lose three meets. Lincoln said she felt that the team has done great this season and exceeded all of her expectations. 

At a young age, Lincoln was already competing in gymnastics competitions against those who were older than her. She said she has always been a fast learner and moved up levels in gymnastics quickly, even when she was young. 

She competed in regional, league and states competitions at a young age as well, which she cited as a big highlight during her time as a gymnast. Another highlight for Lincoln was getting to meet two of her favorite gymnasts, Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas, as well as other Olympic gymnasts. 

Lincoln cited self-confidence as something that is important in her sport, but said she also struggles with it sometimes. She said that she does not always feel confident when it comes to a specific tumbling skill, but with help from her teammates and coaches, she is given a boost. 

Lincoln said that KU feels like home and that she loves that the school is close enough to her home in New York for her family to come watch her compete and cheer her on. 

In the future, Lincoln hopes to go to graduate school at KU and become an Assistant Coach for the team. She would also like to continue working on her foreign language skills and work in the tourism industry in France or Spain someday. 

As for the future of the KU Acrobatics and Tumbling team, Lincoln sees the team accomplishing a lot, including competing in competitions beyond nationals. 

“I want to give a shoutout to my teammates and coaches for the great job everyone is doing and the hard work they are putting in. I am looking forward to all of next season!” said Lincoln. 


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