By Devin Bender
Sports Editor

Super Bowl Sunday is a popular game, even to those who do not regularly watch football. So what are KU students’ plans for the big game? How many students know important details about the Super Bowl?

According to a survey done at KU, most people were aware of the Super Bowl happening but had no idea who was playing. 

In spite of the pandemic, many students are taking precautions from small social gatherings, even going as far as requiring guests to wear masks when they come to the dorms.

As the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Los Angeles Rams, people from all over the United States come to cheer for the team they want to win.

Most of those surveyed predicted the Bengals would win the game, with one participant saying it was their time to shine. Another participant stated that he believed the Bengals would win, but he didn’t want them to.

Parties are a popular way of celebrating the Super Bowl. However, one fan said he is going to stay back at his dorm and watch the game on his laptop because he has too much homework to do. Those who do watch the Super Bowl enjoy the competition between the teams or the well-known array of commercials. 

The halftime show was not a popular pick among KU fans. Most students had a vague idea of who was performing, (6-3) and those who did know tended not to care about that aspect of the Super Bowl. 

While neither of the teams were a top pick for KU students, most enjoy watching the Super Bowl because it is the biggest football game of the year. Enjoy the game, and stay safe. 

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