By Amber Lyn Hunsicker

On Monday, January 24, classes started back up for KU students. Students returned for the spring semester, embracing their new form of normal. 

Kutztown’s old main
Credit: Vincent Lattanzi

Although vaccinations are not required on campus, masks are. Everywhere you go you see another set of eyes with no expression. Hearing the person next to you tends to be extremely difficult even in the quietest of places as the mask releases the muffle sounds of words that I try to let out. 

Those with health conditions, glasses and my makeup enthusiasts got it tough in this new normal. My glasses fog everytime I transition from one building to the next. The makeup I spent time working on that morning is typically ruined before the end of the day. 

Who thought we would see a day that we would have to tell people the expressions were having? If we had a penny for everytime we said, “I promise I’m smiling under my mask,” we would all be rich.

 Yet, we have bigger fish to fry- our college education. We don’t have time or energy to add more worries to our plate. 

On the contrary, the pandemic has also brought out all the comfy clothes and snuggly days in, as well as good hygiene to tons of people (high five to my hand washers). It has taught the value of life, and some people really took this uncertain time as a huge opportunity. 

Even with COVID-19 precautions, I am so grateful for the college education I get everyday. It may be a new adjusted life we are living but we will push through and conquer as people, as golden bears. 

As the stress begins to roll in, like the beginning of any semester, take a deep breath and a step back. Remember where we were a year ago and how far we have all come. You’re all very capable and I hope you all have an amazing spring 2022 semester, go make the best out of it! I know you can do it! Stay Golden!

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