By Amber Lyn Hunsicker

Environment Action Club at the Involvement Fair
Credit: Vincent Lattanzi

On Thursday, February 3, KU hosted their Involvement Fair for clubs and organizations on campus for the spring semester. 

This event took place in the MSU, providing plenty of space for all the clubs and organizations to fill. 

The goal of this event was to provide students with the opportunity to meet these clubs and organizations to get an idea of who they may want to support or join either now or in the future. 

Joining clubs and organizations on campus can give students a sense of wholeness and community with like-minded peers. They also immerse students in the, “Ultimate College Experience,” which is a sense of connection to the students and staff on campus. 

A view of a crowd of students at the Involvement Fair
Credit: Krystal Arroyo

Attendance for the fall Involvement Fair is typically higher, but the spring Involvement Fair exists so that other students, who either didn’t attend in the fall or recently enrolled in the spring still get the opportunity to learn about activities, clubs, programs, organizations and sports on campus. 

KU currently offers over 200 clubs and organizations on campus for students of any major to participate in.

If you missed this spring’s Involvement Fair, feel free to check out Engage@KU. Engage@KU has a list of all clubs and organizations on campus as well as contact information if you are interested in getting involved. 
KU-hosted events are also posted on Engage@KU and you can check there for updates on the next campus Involvement Fair.


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