By Amber Hunsicker

KU Grandparents Flyer
Credit: KU Grandparents, Chaplains John and Laura Studenroth

Chaplains John and Laura Studenroth continue to be KU grandparents, supporting students, staff and faculty by sharing religious faith, and spreading kindness around campus. Chaplain John is now going on twenty-one years in the position and Laura at nine years. 

Chaplains are similar to a pastor or minister, except that they focus on larger populations (such as a university, in the military or at a hospital) rather than on a single church congregation. The Studenroth’s are not employees of KU, but rather are sent to KU as a gift from their church: the Kutztown Bible Fellowship Church.

Last year, I introduced the grandparents to the newspaper with face masks and six feet of social distance at our first meeting. Shortly after this introduction, KU’s campus shut down due to COVID-19, and meeting in person became very difficult. Yet, the KU grandparents kept in contact and would check in regularly. 

Chaplains John and Laura are very accommodating for meeting with students, whether it be on or off-campus – they will make it work for you. They now also offer Zoom as an option of communication along with emailing, calling or texting them.  You can reach them at 610-914-7289 or at

To read more about Chaplains John and Laura Studenroth click here, to access their introductory article. 


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