By Devin Bender
Sports Editor

On Oct. 27, Freshman Connor Passiment earned himself the winning title of the Madden 22 Tournament held at the KU Student Recreation Center. Passiment took his favorite team, the Seahawks, to victory by defeating his last rival, Cardine Cook, 30-11.

Passiment said he does not own the copy of the game himself but plays it quite a bit with his friends. He was excited to finally get his own copy of the game for the PS4  which was the prize for winning the tournament.

The rules of the game were that each player had to play on “All-Madden” and could choose from three random teams, given the option to pick a fourth team if dissatisfied with the first three.

Photo of Kutztown’s Esports Hall on the first floor of MSU
Credit: Vincent Lattanzi

Passiment picked the Carolina Panthers as his first team. Cook, who had won the first game he played against Kody Schell, picked the Bengals. Passiment dominated the game, winning with a score of 21-0. Cook had a total of four turnovers which gave Passiment the ball regularly throughout the game.

Passiment took on Schell in his next match. Passiment won the game as the Houston Texans, 37-7.  The Rams scored a touchdown early in the first half. With a successful extra point field goal attempt, Schell led 7-0.

The Texans tied the game up 7-7 with a touchdown and extra point field goal attempt with 46 seconds left in the first half.

Passiment scored a field goal early in the third quarter. Passiment took the lead, 10-7.

Schell could not hold off Passiment as he scored another point and the field goal took his score, 24-7.

Passiment earned himself two touchdowns, with one field goal kick for a final score of, 37-7.

Passiment and Cook versed each other once more for the final game. Passiment was able to pick up the Seattle Seahawks for his final game, while Cook picked the Houston Texans.

Passiment scored late in the second quarter with a successful touchdown and field goal. He took the lead, 7-0. By half-time, the Seahawks were in the lead, 7-3.

Passiment added to his score early in the third quarter with a touch down but missed the extra point, 13-3. Passiment ended the game with a winning score of 30-11.

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