By Marcos Dos Diaz Davila
Contributing Writer

On Nov. 9, KU will be hosting an event intended to introduce the ROTC organization to KU, increase its presence and  bring awareness to the program’s strengths and opportunities. The program will run from 9:00-10:30 a.m. on campus and is open to the KU community.

The Steel Battalion ROTC program will be led by Lieutenant Colonel Preston Jackson and Senior Professor of Military Science Master Sergeant Lymman Langijota.

The program originally left KU in 2018 due to significant drops in enrollment. It was instituted at  Penn State Berks instead. Recognizing that the support they were receiving at KU was much greater, Tania Brown of KU’s Veterans Affairs was able to arrange for their return this semester. Since then, cadet numbers have more than doubled and the program continues to grow.

For more information about the KU Army ROTC program, visit KU’s ROTC Page or email, or for overall information on the program, email

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