By Marcos Dos Diaz Davila
Contributing Writer

​Landing KU nineteenth on Military Times’ “Best Schools for Veterans” list, Tania Brown of KU’s military services goes behind the scenes to reveal the inner workings of her team and program. Brown and her team go out of their way to have first-hand knowledge on the information on benefits veteran students need and use.

​“I think what makes KU successful is that we give hands-on assistance. Where some other schools rely on information off their websites, here at KU we understand military benefits are complicated. We try to simplify that process as much as possible, for both students and parents. We go that extra mile,” said Brown.

​Brown, who has served thirty-one years in the Army Reserve, says that one of the large reasons she has remained past her retirement is so that she might better connect to the students she works with.

Edward Casamassima
Credit: Lena Hamm

​“I want to be able to better connect with students coming in. I want to be a resource they can come to with questions, about both their academic career and their military career, a sort of one stop-shop. It’s also incredibly helpful to understand what veteran students go through on the military side of their lives so that they feel someone can relate to them,” added Brown.

​Brown also went into KU’s ranking on Military Times.

​“Getting to that high spot is not easy nor is it going to be easy to maintain it. We only hope to continue to improve the services we can offer students.”

​Brown added one final comment, ​“Get to know people. You must build that web of interconnectivity. Not just veterans, anyone and everyone has something to offer.”

​If you’re looking for Veteran’s Services, find them in room 262 in the MSU or reach out to them at

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