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Music Duo “Space Kamp” to perform at Kutztown’s “Cannafest”

By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Pennsylvania’s musical duo “Space Kamp” is set to perform for Kutztown’s local Cannafest on April 17 and 18 from 4-5 p.m. The 2021 Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival is being hosted by Renninger’s Farmers Market on 740 Noble St.


Space Kamp began in 2017 when Oskee and Adoo released their single “Stoner Chic” and then the album “Electric Lemonade.” The album went on to reach number seven on Google Music’s Reggae Album chart and number 15 on iTunes in the same category.

“Electric Lemonade” mixes hip hop and reggae genres with “psychedelic soundscapes” in Space Kamp’s mission to “break rules and spread love.”

Despite COVID-19, Space Kamp released the song Sunrays No Shade in 2020 and ended the year performing at the fourth Annual Holidaze Toy Drive Performance to benefit the Lehigh Valley Children’s Hospital.

The band has also created a podcast titled “The Rebel Hippies Hour” where they interview smaller artists and discuss societal issues, all while debuting new music.

Tickets for the Cannafest performance are free and can be found here.

Read more about Space Kamp and view their social media.

Space Kamp Website  Rebel Hippies Website  Instagram  Facebook  Twitter  Youtube  Soundcloud

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