By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Feb. 18, KU’s Activities Board hosted a virtual Kahoot event with Brittany Broski, famous meme ‘Kombucha girl.’ 

The night started with a bad lag, as Kahoot over Zoom requires a stable connection and clear screen for the competition to stay fair. The lagging issue was cleared up after the initial ‘speed round.’

During the Kahoot, the same players stayed on the leaderboard, which seemed suspicious, considering over 200 students attended the event. Broski entertained the audience between questions, talking about her life as a living meme and her encounters with celebrities like Yung Gravy and Trixie Mattel.

With pop culture questions about Hollywood stars, movies, and athletes, six students won prizes. After the night was over, one of the winners, “SpeedyLobster,” was yet to be found.

Overall, the event was alright. It’s hard to determine a fair winner when you don’t know the real names of those participating and the internet lags behind. Hopefully KUAB does something similar in the future with more preparation for unreliable internet, or multiple events of smaller sizes to account for such large attendance.


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