By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Credit: Makayla Roccia, students enjoying late night bite

On Feb. 11, KU held its first Wellness day, a day where professors cannot hold class or assign work and meant to supplement the loss of spring break. Organized by Christine Storch and her Wellness Committee, students were impressed with the day’s festivities. Some activities included yoga, meditation, speakers, workshops, a food truck, ice sculptures and free goodies.

On the MyKU mobile app, students gave their thoughts on Wellness Day,

“Today’s Mindful Identity session was also very helpful and fun,” said Soni Diaz.

“That was nice that KU was trying to do something fun for everyone, really joyful,” stated Jabriel Johnson.

Kaylin Reuwer said, “I’m so happy Kutz is trying to do fun things. I thought it was nice.” 

“I actually enjoyed the events for this wellness day! It was nice to do things and see others turn up. One of the events had a line!!!,” said Tynesha Fichter.

Credit: Kayla Hudak, from left to right: Garrett Hudak, Agostino D’Ancona, Margaret Gooding, Donavan McCargo, Nathan Post, Kayla Sherry, and Jenny Wallace

Deidre Forney stated, “I’m hoping that each wellness day has kinda a different focus, this one seemed very centered on meditation and mindfulness…hope there’s some different stuff next time…the paisley and co stuff was so fun!” 

Other students spoke to me directly. “I had lots of fun! It was such a rejuvenating day,” said Francesca Strickler.

When I asked Makayla Roccia about the day she said, “Jam-packed.”

“Relaxing,” said Hailey Juba when asked, also, about the day.

Tracy Alcee said, “Overwhelmingly fun.” 

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