By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

On  Jan. 20, former presidential candidate and current Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders attended the presidential inauguration on what was a very cold winter day. Sanders, with his mask and mittens, sat patiently by himself in Washington D.C., and became a viral meme almost instantly.

Credit: City Cuts

Small businesses across America have used Sanders as a marketing technique. Bringing in a younger audience, the meme has gained attention and brought out everyone’s photoshop skills.

The Lancaster Barnstormers posted their rendition of Sanders captioned, “Waiting for baseball season like…”

Kutztown’s City Cuts Barbershop used the meme to remind clients to book an appointment.

Johnstown’s Lemon Bomb Tattoo Co. advertised their gift cards with the senator sitting in the shop’s waiting room.
Sanders himself created merch featuring the photograph. The clothing is already sold out, and he donated the proceeds to Vermont’s “Meals on Wheels.”


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