By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

This COVID filled year has left us all wondering what this pandemic means for Halloween. 

With social distancing guidelines and limits on social gatherings, trick-or-treating and huge parties weren’t as prominent as years prior. Still, many celebrities took the opportunity to show off their costumes, whether they went out or stayed home with their families.

‘Without Me’ singer Halsey dressed up as Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride,” with Halsey doing her own makeup. 

Kim Kardashian and her family dressed up as the “Tiger King” cast, made infamous at the beginning of the quarantine, with Kim dressing up as Carole Baskin.

Actress Gabrielle Union and husband Dwayne Wade dressed their family up as a s’more, making their one-year-old daughter an adorable marshmallow.

Some celebrities dress up as other celebrities, such as “Old Town Road” singer Lil Nas X, who dressed up as famous female rapper Nicki Minaj.

But some celebrities chose to dress up to make a political statement, such as Lizzo who dressed as the fly that infamously flew over Mike Pence’s head during the vice presidential debate to endorse Joe Biden.

Check out more celebrity costumes here.


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