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Eleni Feggulis Named to NTCA SAAC Board

My Sammy Strobel
Assistant Sports Editor

Sophomore Eleni Feggulis, a member of the KU bowling team for two years, was named to the board of the NTCA SAAC, the National Tenpin Coaches Association Student Athletic Advisory Committee, as the representative of the East Coast Conference.

Eleni Feggulis named to NTCA SAAC Board
Credit: KU Bears

Feggulis was shocked and pleased to find out she had been chosen.

“I know there are a lot of ECC bowlers very qualified for the position, and I was pleased to know the coaches were willing to choose a sophomore that has only bowled for five years to hold such a large position in the collegiate bowling world,” Feggulis said.

According to Feggulis, this committee provides student athletes an opportunity to network within the NCAA Bowling community, a forum to provide feedback to the NTCA based on the student athlete experience and the possibility for professional development opportunities. 

To be selected, Feggulis said she had to meet the eligibility requirements which include being a student athlete in good academic and athletic standing who exhibits a desire to grow professionally in the bowling industry while displaying those characteristics exemplary of student athletes.

Now that she has been named a member of the board, Feggulis is even more anxious to get back on the lanes with her teammates to start the COVID-19 delayed bowling season.

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