By Derek Lopez
Contributing Writer

The 2020 academic year has been challenging and the same applies for sports. The men’s basketball team’s season is still in question as COVID-19 prevents PSAC sports from being played.

“I am not very hopeful at this point, especially when West Chester just cancelled all sports for the spring. You have to make sure that it is safe to play, practice and watch a game, which is not the case as of Oct. 8, 2020. I do not see the PSAC playing until a testing system is in place,” said Head Basketball Coach Bernie Driscoll.

Basketball Head Coach Bernie Driscoll Speaks Out About COVID-19
Credit: KU bears

While the team isn’t playing at the moment, it hasn’t stopped them from focusing on remaining smart and safe.

“My wife purchased for the team the KU mask before the fall semester began. You stress to the players to follow the CDC guidelines, but when you have people in positions of power not following those guidelines, it can be a difficult sell. The only way to stop this virus is to wear a mask, clean your hands and practice social distancing. They hear that from us 24/7,” said Driscoll.

With low chances of a 2020-2021 season, Coach Driscoll has made it his priority to remain engaged with his players and have constant communication with his team.

“We zoom once a week, and we touch base with them by phone or email. It has been very difficult for our new players to adjust to the academics of KU basically on their own. It has been a real challenge for them this semester.”

With the additional time off, he’s made it a point of emphasis to connect with alumni and see how they are doing during the pandemic.

While a basketball season seems like a longshot, the KU Basketball Team is remaining smart and safe during these trying times in hopes of returning to the court sometime in the near future.


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