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Review: Todrick Hall’s Quarantine Queen

By Lauren Gudknecht
Assistant Sports Editor

Todrick Hall released an album Wednesday, April 29, called Quarantine Queen. Hall made the announcement on an Instagram post that read, “Surprise! Soooo…exactly one week ago I decided to write and create an entire album to hopefully lift your spirits during this quarantine! Nina Simone once said ‘It’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times in which we live.’ I hope this inspires you to stay healthy, stay creative, stay safe and stay home while continuing to stay fabulous!”

Photo by Lainey Gossip

The album itself has Hall’s usual catchiness and dance beats, but the lyrics and the production show that it was indeed contrived together in one week.

Mas(k)ot” is a parody of “Bootylicious.” “Meow” is about Netflix’s hit documentary series “Tiger King.” “Tiktok” is about the app for the same name, and “Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs” is a reskinned version of Hall’s hit single, “Nails, Hips, Hair, Heels.” Most of this album is just recycled pop culture. 

Hall released a teaser that turned into him serving as the head cheerleader to diss the opposing team, the coronavirus itself. “Corona, she on a spree / She wanna stop everything,” he sings. “So dance if you’re on our team / The class of COVID-19.”


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