The importance of appreciating Earth Day

By Amber Hunsicker
Contributing Writer

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22. It’s a day to support environmental protection and raise awareness for environmental concerns. Even though Earth Day is only celebrated for one day a year, it is meant to bring awareness to environmental concerns so we can do better for our planet every day of the year.

Humans have caused a lot of damage to the earth. Air pollution is one of the biggest issues our planet faces as factories, cars, planes and aerosol cans have been emitting chemicals  into our breathable air for years. There are also instances of smoke, wildfires and ash from volcanoes causing air pollution. 

Other concerns include heating houses with kerosene or coal, which release CO2, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. 


Water quality is another problem. Trash is cluttering our oceans and hurting our animals like turtles, whales and dolphins. Our drinking water is becoming harder to keep clean.

Like water, the quality of land needs to be improved. All of the beautiful land on our planet is being taken away, and it gets harder each year to preserve land and soil. 

Although many of us are under lockdown orders due to COVID-19, there are ways to celebrate Earth Day and ways to support our earth’s environment. To participate you can plant something, recycle, ride a bike to get around, use refillable water bottles, purchase a reusable glass straw, and more. These actions are not meant to be done only on Earth Day but instead to start a routine to save our planet. 

It is important that each of us is aware of the negative impacts our lifestyle has on our planet, and quarantine is the perfect time to start taking environmental actions. 

As a community, we need to protect the environment before it is too late. One helping hand at a time can make a difference. Together we can make our planet clean and safe again. 

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