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KU Faculty perform with guest musician Carol Shansky at the Faculty Artist Series

By Matthew Bandy
Social Media Manager Keystone News

KU faculty members Jeremy Justeson and Michelle Kiec performed with guest musician Carol Shansky on  Feb. 10 for KU students. Shansky is an assistant professor of music at New Jersey City University. The event took place on the stage of the Little Theatre, located in Schaeffer Auditorium.

Despite the afternoon rain, the Little Theatre was packed full of students and professors alike. After all those in attendance had settled in, Justeson, Chair of the Music Department, and Kiec, Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts, introduced the acts.

“It’s great to work with wonderful musicians such as Jeremy and Carol,” Kiec said. “It’s so much more exciting than any one of us by ourselves.” 

Photo courtesy of Matthew Bandy

“It’s great because they’re all fabulous players,” Justeson said of his colleagues.

Shansky, a graduate of Boston University and Ithaca College, is a flutist and can often be seen in recital halls throughout the United States and abroad. She has played at Carnegie Hall, the Palais de l’Athénée (Geneva, Switzerland) and several other locations.

Justeson, a graduate of California State University, Northwestern University and The University of Texas in Austin, is a saxophonist. He is an active soloist and chamber musician who also plays across the United States.

Kiec, a clarinetist, is a graduate of Peabody Conservatory of Music of The John Hopkins University and the State University of New York. She, like her peers, can be found performing in recital halls and in symphonies. 

When asked how it was to perform with Justeson and Kiec, Shansky added, “You’re just so aware of the other people, so tight together. You have nowhere to hide”. But Shansky says that she enjoys that feeling. “That’s kind of exciting,” she said. “It can feel a little risky, but it’s exciting.”


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