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Probation Officer Frank Toto speaks to Criminal Justice Students

By Dakota Nace
A&E Editor

KU’s Criminal Justice Association, or CJA, welcomed guest speaker Officer Frank Toto, a probation officer with the Northampton County Drug Court. 

Members of the club gathered to listen to Officer Toto, a 1998 KU graduate, on Feb. 4 during the weekly CJA meeting. 

Toto spoke to criminal justice students about the probationary process and how this process fits into the legal system.

Photo courtesy of Dakota Nace

Officer Toto described what a typical day for him and his colleagues may include. He also explained the basic duties and requirements for him and his fellow officers.

Toto also told members about the hiring process and what is required in order to become a probation officer. He stressed the importance of internships and how it helped him obtain a job in the field.

President of CJA, Megan Niedrist, spoke highly about having guest speakers talk to students. “The benefits of guest speakers is putting real experiences to the jobs and topics we learn about every day. Guest speakers provide a diverse range of experiences across many departments.”

Officer Toto ended his presentation by answering questions about himself, his career and his personal experiences on the job.

CJA meets on Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. in Old Main 287.

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