SGB discusses possible change for off-campus housing

By Caylee Hayes
Contributing Writer

The Student Government Board has weighed in on Kutztown Borough’s discussion about the possibility of moving off-campus student housing away from residential neighborhoods and introducing new businesses on Main Street.

Guest speaker Sarah Hailstone, from Hailstone Economic, was hired by the Kutztown Borough to plan out housing and business development along Main St. According to Hailstone, who addressed the board at its Oct. 22 meeting, there are a lot of housing and business vacancies they would like to fill. 

They are considering moving student housing away from neighborhoods due to noise complaints and conflicts, she said.

“There are a lot of families that live in the area, and most of them don’t appreciate the loud and wild weekends,” Hailstone told the board.

Members of SGB disagreed with Hailstone’s idea.

“I think it’s important for members of the borough and the community to remember that the university was here first,” said Anthony Jones, an SGB member. “They built the town around us, so it seems unfair for them to be angry at us when they chose to live next to a college campus.”

SGB brought problems with current off-campus student housing to Hailstone’s attention, as well. They said that there have been a lot of issues with mold that they would like fixed.

Hailstone also asked SGB what businesses they would like to see on Main St. Members said they would appreciate more ethnically-diverse restaurants, as well as more local businesses.


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