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Sharadin Atrium features “Inspirare da Italia”

By Madison Smith
Contributing Writer

Based off items and scenery from their trip to Italy this past summer, KU art and art history students had their work featured in an exhibit entitled “Inspirare de Italia.” While there, students went to multiple cities such as Florence, Rome, Verona and Venice.

For junior studio art major Alexis Greber, this was her first time leaving the USA.

“It was all very new to me, but it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” said Greber.

Art education major Miranda Suder said that she had also never been abroad before, and she experienced so much.

“It was a bit of a blur but in a good way,” said Suder.

Print and ceramic works completed by Miranda Suder, “Inspirare da Italia” – Photo by Shelby Otto, “The Keystone News”

One thing Suder enjoyed while in Italy was the Biennale held in Venice. According to Suder, the international event was comprised of numerous contemporary artists who represented their countries by using their art to respond to the annual theme.

“The topic was ‘May You Live in Interesting Times,’ and interesting meant chaotic and disheveled, not a ‘happy’ sort of interesting,” said Suder.

Applied digital arts major Todd Lichtenberg said his favorite memory was when he was in Florence.

“We saw ‘The Duomo’ in Florence, and it was so beautiful in person and so huge that I started crying,” said Lichtenberg. “There were bells chiming, and I was in awe because I’ve wanted to go to Italy for so long.”

For his sketchbook, Lichtenberg said his inspiration was fabrics he saw. He was originally going to focus on clothing or figures.

“I decided to do fabrics, so I did different folds of fabric and worked on the shading of them,” Lichtenberg said.

He also used fabric as inspiration for creating ceramics to put in the exhibit.

“I used fabric as the inspiration for these because I wanted to see what I could do with the clay in order for it to look like fabric,” said Lichtenberg.

Greber used painting as her medium. According to Greber, her favorite painting was based on the landscapes of Italy.

“My favorite one was the painting with the gold frame. I worked really hard on that one, and I wanted to do something from my mind that wasn’t a specific place, but a landscape.”

Greber also used things from Italy that stood out to her for her sketchbook.

“I used the antiquity of the Roman Forum and different figures and statues I saw,” she said.

Unlike Greber and Lichtenberg, Suder used plant-life and tiles as the focus for her sketchbook and art pieces.

“I found [plants] in tiles or in old artworks, so I tried to get as much as I could,” said Suder. “I tried to get a little bit of everything.”

Suder hopes that her pieces encourage people to study abroad: “I want people to look at my pieces and be excited for a trip to come.”

“I want them to find their own experience in my paintings, or in my work in general,” she added.

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