Everything you need to know about Epstein case

By Donovan Levine
Lead writer

On Nov. 5, a whistleblower from ABC News leaked a video of Amy Robach, a high-profile ABC News anchor, visibly distraught over a three-year-old interview with Virginia Roberts regarding the jaw-dropping Jeffrey Epstein investigation, conviction and murder case.

Epstein had allegations of sexually abusing minors since 1999, and since then, the allegations have only increased in number and vulgarity up to his conviction on July 6. He was accused of sex trafficking and possession of hundreds of suggestive photographs of underaged females. His first criminal case was in 2005 when a Florida woman called the police saying her 14-year old stepdaughter was allegedly paid $300 by an older girl who took her to Epstein’s mansion.

During the 2019 investigation, the FBI found the photographs alongside a “vast trove” of items, including forty-eight 24-karat diamonds, $70,000, an expired Austrian passport from the 1980s that listed his place of residence as Saudi Arabia and CDs with handwritten notes detailing names of nude women in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion, according to the NYPost and Breitbart.

One of the most shocking bits of the Epstein case is how deeply it is connected with the Royal Family in the United Kingdom and the Clinton family. It’s been shrouded in conspiracy and suspicion since the 90s. It also has ties to President Donald Trump and a Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz. 

Regardless of Epstein’s history and his work as a consultant for Tower Financial, his partnership with Bear Stearns, his investments in Israel or any of the work he did in New York City to achieve a net worth of $577+ million, his story is one of the many that proves that money cannot mask who a person truly is.

Robach confesses ABC refused to air her interview and said that “the Palace [the United Kingdom Royal Family] found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew [Queen Elizabeth II’s second son] and threatened us a million different ways.” This sentence implies that in Robach’s interview with Roberts, Prince Andrew was involved in Epstein’s ring and if that news were made public, it could ruin the reputation, dignity, and legacy of the Royal Family forever. Even the very fact that Prince Andrew’s name continues to pop up again and again in regards to the Epstein case is damning enough.

Most of these allegations stem from Great St. James Island, an island in the Carribean, which Epstein bought in 2016 for $18 million dollars. This island is where claims of a mass-pedophile ring involving corrupt multi-millionaires who have been quashing all leading investigations on that matter exists.  

The Palace is pressuring news outlets to avoid names like Bill Clinton or Prince Andrew among the names of those who have committed sexual assault against minors.

The timing of these events is what has caused the most concern for conspiracy. Exactly 20 years passed from the time of the first accusation made against Epstein in 1999 until the last one in 2019, which is significant because this means there were investigations on him spanning decades that were kept quiet by the media. 

Epstein had also bought Great St. James island three years ago, meaning it was the same year as Roberts’ interview with Robach. Roberts was said to be ‘in hiding’ for 12 years before that interview, meaning she’s been forced to keep silent about these crimes since 2004, five years after the first accusation of Epstein and also a year before Epstein’s first criminal case. 

Not only that, but his conviction and death were only a month apart, and the ABC insider had chosen to leak this video three months afterward.

Each of these instances implies that over the course of 20 years there had been cover-ups from the media, pressure from people of higher authority and a staggering amount of possibilities that many other multi-millionaires were involved in this and that several other young girls could have been victims of Epstein’s crime syndicate.

Robach claims she has no doubt Epstein was killed while being held in the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

“So do I think he was killed? A hundred percent, yes I do. He made his whole living blackmailing people,” Robach said. “There were a lot of men in those planes, a lot of men who visited that island, a lot of powerful men who came into that apartment.”

While cryptic, it’s also clear Robach is making a point that these news networks know a lot more than what they are showing. The ABC insider who leaked the video was fired by CBS shortly after the video went viral, which is also being disputed as a “wrongful termination case” by TheWrap.

This is the sort of story that can form a massive rift between the media and the people, with the Washington Examiner using phrases such as “our broken, corrupt media” or people like Steve Deace with headlines perforated with conspiracy aims saying, “ABC’s Epstein Coverup Proves the Media is the Enemy of the People” on their podcasts. One can find coverage across the board from all major American news organizations, as well as the Rolling Stone magazine, E! News, 60 Minutes, TRT World, CBC News and dozens upon dozens of international reporters.


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  1. This phrase “headlines perforated with conspiracy aims saying…” probably should have read “headlines permeated with conspiracy claims saying…”. I worked on the Securitized Products desk at Bear and remember the Liquid Funding Corporation partnership with Epstein’s firm. It was a solid program that allowed mortgage backed securities to be used as collateral for overnight and term repo and thereby increased the liquidity available in the bond market. I believe that the British intelligence services killed Epstein in his jail cell. If they could assassinate Princess Diana in a tunnel in Paris because she was involved with an Egyptian man, they surely could have killed a guy locked up on Riker’s Island.

  2. Sickening and unspeakable. I guess that’s why so many knew about but ignored. Too awful, like incest; unbelievable by the masses, like Climate Warming.