Saturday’s Homecoming Events

By Bridgette Schultz
Contributing Writer

Homecoming festivities were plentiful on Saturday with events on the DMZ, student performers, homecoming court crowning, a surprise proposal and the Shippensburg versus KU football game. With a win over Shippensburg University, KU stands with an undefeated record of 8-0. 

Not only was the game enjoyable for KU attendees, but the festivities leading up to it were flooded with Golden Bear spirit. During the early afternoon, the DMZ was flooded with eager KU students, families and alumni as they checked out their favorite organizations and clubs. Of course, there was a variety of free food to choose from and live music from “Nelly’s Echo.

KU sophomore, Abigail Begolly was seen in her maroon and gold walking around the DMZ with friends. When asked what she looked forward to the most during her second homecoming as a Golden Bear- Abby said, “Of course the Bears winning is something that we all want to see happen, but I also love being a part of all the activities that occur [this] day and the entire week.” 

During the first half of the game, quarterback Collin DiGalbo put six points on the board with a quarterback sneak only minutes after kickoff. Dean Krcic followed with a successful extra kick. Shortly after, Shippensburg scored a safety off of a punt return, 7-2 KU.

During the next possession, running back Abdul-Hassan Neblett scored a nine-yard touchdown with another extra-point kick after, keeping KU in the lead. Neblett led the team in rushing touchdowns, scoring four all together. 

In the second quarter, KU’s defense held Shippensburg, forcing a field goal. The Golden Bears responded with a 59-yard rush. Neblett scored the touchdown, and then there was another extra-point kick. KU maintained their lead, 21-3. 

With five minutes left in the second quarter, Shippensburg’s special teams recovered a fumbled punt but were unable to score on the drive. With three minutes left, KU was on their 34-yard-line with a 3rd and 10, and DiGalbo completed a 23-yard pass to Jake Novak. Marching down the field, the Golden Bears scored, with Novak completing the drive in the endzone. After a successful extra point, the scoreboard read 35-5, KU. 

During halftime, the KU Dance team performed, showing off their moves on center field. The Kutztown University Marching Unit performed after. An alumni band joined the band for a couple of tunes. 

Following, the homecoming court was introduced. After a week filled with promoting and voting, the 2019 Kutztown University King and Queen were crowned to Braden Hudak and Natalie Perkowski. 

A final, but very special surprise happened on the field during halftime. KU alumni Leo Ellison proposed to girlfriend Shannon De Lade, another KU alumni, to which she said yes. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple. 

Opening up the third quarter, Nebbet was seen in the endzone yet again, with his third rushing score of the game, 42-5 KU. Dean Krcic’s kickoff went 55-yards to the Shippensburg 10, with Sean Judge returning to the Shippensburg 30. Shippensburg was unable to score on this drive. DiGalbo completed a pass to Jack Pilkerton for a three-yard touchdown, 49-5 KU. 

In the fourth, KU quarterback Eric Nickel completed multiple passes, ending with Davis-McNeil’s 43-yard touchdown. The final score was 55-5, making a record of 8-0. 

Homecoming festivities ended on Sunday, but the Golden Bears’ football team will be at West Chester on Nov. 2. 

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