KU Involvement Fair attracts hundreds of students

By Donovan Levine
Freeform editor

As it is every year, KU’s Involvement Fair was packed with hundreds of students who are either involved or are looking to get involved with on-campus clubs or student-run organizations at KU.

The Involvement Fair was held in MSU 218 and 223 on Sept. 5, hosted by the Office of Student Involvement. The event included about 51 different clubs and student organizations all in one venue. Every organization from the Student Government Board to the Botany Club was present and used the opportunity to invite and recruit new members and volunteers for their organizations.

The event offered food samples for students, and each club offered either keychains, pens, stickers or any other form of merchandise to promote their club and make students feel welcome.

Alicia Miller and the Student Involvement Office gave the fair a “film awards theme,” using a mock red carpet at the entrance, an arch decorated with Hollywood clapboards, a human-sized cardboard star sitting at the back of the room and spools of microfilm outside the doors of the multi-purpose room.

“Put your paws together Avalanche’s Goldie Awards” was the slogan for the event this year. They featured an opportunity to collect at least six tickets, called “trophies,” for a chance to win a special prize towards the end.

The Involvement Fair received a few hundred students every hour and had a line extending from the entrance all the way to the MSU Info Desk, making the event fairly successful this year, attendance-wise

If you have any interest in the Involvement Fair or the Office of Student Involvement, feel free to visit their office in MSU 153, or contact Alicia Miller at


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