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Annual KutzCon held in Academic Forum

By Rachel Miller
Staff Writer

On April, KU hosted KutzCon, a convention for clubs and organizations of the university.

KutzCon was intended to be similar to the pop culture event, Comic-Con, but for KU students and local residents, this event has become a local success.

The event was hosted in the Academic Forum with free admission and began at 11 a.m. with a performance by the Kutztones. This was followed by the first scheduled event, a Bob Ross Painting Tutorial, lead by the Art History Club.

Other activities were hosted throughout classrooms in the Academic Forum, such as a Super Smash Bros. tournament, karaoke, a cosplay competition and a Haiku writing workshop. Panels about various topics, such as convention etiquette, were also hosted throughout the day.

“This is actually our seventh year, but this has been the best turnout—and probably the best turnout we’ve ever experienced,” said Bryonna Engle, the 2019 KutzCon event coordinator and Anime Club president.

“We’ve seen a lot of happy faces here today; it’s been really cool,” added Engle. “A lot of people had no idea that some of these clubs even existed.”

KutzCon included various clubs and groups, such as the Anime Club, Applied Digital Arts Club, Fine Metals Society, Swing Dance Club, Fencing Club, Essence Literary Magazine, Film Club and more.

In addition to the KU clubs and organizations, various vendors attended and sold goods, which ranged between jewelry, comic books and stickers. Independent students also attended the event as vendors. The Vault, a comic book shop on Main Street, was one of the local vendors at KutzCon.

KutzCon also included a few performances, including Pottsville-based rock band Mahantongo and demonstrations from the fencing and swing dance clubs. Throughout the day, KUR DJed the event.

The convention continued until 8 p.m. with the day ending with a final round of karaoke.


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