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Review: “The Dissolution of Unrequited”

By Nickey Siegerman
Staff Writer

International Bestselling Author Len Webster has completed her book series, “The Science of Unrequited,” after three years. This series will rip your emotions to shreds and try to tape them back together again; it is written with anger, love, fighting, acceptance, moving on, loss and more integrity and respect than most authors would give these characters.

What started as a small story of best friends for life and an unrequited love turned into a mature, engaging love story that didn’t give us a moment to breathe or a moment of happiness until the very end.

The longest book yet, “The Dissolution of Unrequited” wrapped up the story points we waited for. It took our hearts and swayed them to and fro, making us wonder what was about to happen.

With this being the fourth book in the series, it’s hard not to spoil some of the smaller aspects from past books. Why did AJ give up Stanford and go to Duke? What happened during prom? What happened during the road trip from Duke to Brookline? Who is Connecticut? These simple questions have all been answered by book four.

Keeping as many spoilers out, book four does what you expect. The storyline includes a flashforward, following the pair out of college, and brings readers back to the present during the couple’s sophomore year of college. We progress forward in both aspects, learning about Evan and AJ through college and a few years following as well.

We watch them both suffer and love and fall apart. We watch AJ arrive home for a family matter and journey back to her location. We see interactions between the couple that make us question who they are with one another and if we even want them together or not. But by the end, there truly is a dissolution to unrequited.

With each book title revealed through the story, perfectly hidden between the words and phrases, so organic it takes your breath away, Webster crafted a novel of perfect secrets, surprises and endings we find ourselves happy with because the characters are happy.

Our female lead, while emotional and driven by her love, also recognizes how smart and talented she is. A woman like Alexandra “AJ” Parker following her dreams of being a famous physicist is important to present to today’s younger generation. Women are told they cannot do what men can do, they cannot be in the same jobs, earn the same money or be held to the same standard.

AJ breaks down those walls with each novel as a stepping stool. She is presented with wonderful opportunities, helps create formulas and works for very powerful people in the physicist world, and it all started when she was in high school.

If Webster’s words don’t shake you to your core, expose you to the love that you’ll feel between this pair of friends since birth—their families, their friends, their story—then maybe the subtle messages will.

AJ is the character more females need to read about and learn from. While an unrequited love is what originally pulled me into the series, I also know that, as a woman, I wanted to share this character with the world.

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