Keystone Staff Working on Fifth Annual KU Yearbook

By Mike Downing

“The Keystone Yearbook” is in its fifth year of production, and staff is currently seeking group photos for inclusion.

Group photos should be taken by individual groups and submitted to Olivia Durr at  

The yearbook is published annually at the end of each spring semester. It is in digital format and consists of various “evergreen” stories from throughout the school year, as written by The Keystone staff.

To check out previous editions, visit our link at ISSUU

The yearbook got its start several years ago when Keystonia staff decided to transform the publication into a long-form magazine.

As a result, KU was left with no print yearbook, which is entirely understandable considering the fact that so much content has gone digital these days.

The traditional model of having seniors sit for yearbook photos and then asking families to spend between $80 to $100 for a finished, printed, bound product is now outdated.

Keystone staff decided that, by building it more or less into existing workflow, we could publish the greatest hits of Keystone articles that academic year, along with group photos, in order to create a digital archive that would offer long-term insight into the past.

Looking back at the first yearbook, published for 2014-2015, the editors called it “The Keystone Rewind” and had a movie theme. I opened it last week and the memories came flooding back. KU lost longtime faculty member Randy Schaeffer, and Carlos Vargas was interim president. Andre Reed was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and came to visit Kutztown. The now-famous Chance the Rapper came to campus, and students, led by SGB President Joe Scoboria, had to walk the highway to the recently moved polling place in order to vote.

Funny how yearbooks become more valuable with the passage of time.

There were no group photos in that particular issue, but we incorporated them the following year and have included them in every issue since.

Feel free to check out past issues, and please alert your groups that they should send their pics to Olivia Durr as soon as possible. Final deadline: April 1, 2019.


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