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ACE holds first Grocery Bingo game

By Heather Gursky
Assitant A&E Editor

On the night of Wednesday, Aug. 29, ACE held their first student event—a rousing game of grocery bingo—on campus. The event was located underneath the familiar white tent on the DMZ in front of Beck Hall. By 7 p.m., when the event first started, members of the club were already setting up more chairs to accommodate the steady flow of students coming to participate. Other accommodations included sandwiches and light snacks for students to enjoy.
For this interesting game of bingo, the regular rules applied to how you played the game, however, the prizes were more than ordinary. Boxes of cereal, bags of potato chips and pretzels, and even boxes of candy were available.

For the grand prizes, students had a chance to win a t-shirt or blanket from the school store. During the first few rounds, it became apparent that the system of using loose chips for the bingo boards might not have been the best choice. To mark the number called, players would slide a plastic piece over the corresponding space. Unfortunately, if students tilted or bumped their boards, the pieces would move out of place. Since there was no board listing the previously called numbers, students were left waiting for the next game to begin.

Overall, ACE ran an entertaining event that gathered a surprisingly large group of students; the crowd responded with energy and enthusiasm.

When talking about the club, Kara Kirkpatrick, a sophomore on campus and active member of ACE, said, “it is a way to get involved on campus and is a way to plan events based off of what you enjoy and think others will enjoy.”

If you are interested in joining ACE, the club’s meetings are held on Mondays at 4:30 p.m. in the room 223 of the McFarland Student Union.

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