Opinion: Acknowledge your own self worth

By Carliss Lewis
Contributing Writer

If somebody asks you, “who are you,” what would you say? Your name, age, job position or gender? Those are descriptive words that you list on your I.D. Those features are only part of who you are on the outside, not who you are inside.

Knowing yourself is one of the best things to pursue in life—you will learn to enjoy your own company, be comfortable under your own skin and take advantage of opportunities that will help you achieve your desires.

For an example, you will be able to trust yourself well enough to capitalize on large opportunities, such as approaching someone that can help you achieve your dreams, having the courage to talk to your crush or being confident in your decision making.

I’m certain that most of you know some of your characteristics. However, the characteristics that you value the most determine who you are and help you understand why and how you react to situations.

If you were working at a multi-million dollar company and you valued qualities like leadership and responsibility, even if you weren’t labeled as a “supervisor” or “boss,” your co-workers would still come to you if they had a question or trouble with a task. Not everyone values certain traits as much as other people, but that is how you act accordingly in your life.

The more you know and love yourself the less nonsense you will tolerate. Think or write ten values in order to get a better understanding of who you are

You were born to be real and priceless, so never allow someone to put their limitations on you. Only you know what you’re capable of, so you should never live someone else’s life in your shoes.

Remember, there is a difference between being alone and being lonely. Enjoy time with yourself, let yourself laugh and fall in love with who you truly are.

Here are a few suggestions: take yourself on dinner dates, travel somewhere you have never been before, try new recipes, workout or listen to music.

No one will ever know you better than you know yourself. Now go live life.

Peace, love and happiness from yours truly, Carliss Lewis.

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