Opinion: Falsities behind the liberal approach of addressing gun violence

By Joe Basrawi

Contributing Writer


Parkland, Las Vegas and Sandy Hook are some out of the many mass shootings in recent years. These horrific events have created large debate in our political climate in the United States. This topic has heavily divided Americans. The left and right side of the political aisle have very different ways of addressing the gun violence issue. What I’ve seen from the left side is a very ignorant view of guns. Typically, they really don’t know much about firearms and the current laws put in place pertaining to guns. The agenda that I’ve seen being pushed by the left falsely blames the gun rather than the person. Well, let’s go ahead and take a close look at the numbers.

First, let us begin by investigating current gun violence statistics. According to the National Institute of Justice, between the years of 1993 to 2011 the firearm crime rate has dropped dramatically from 7.3 in 1993 to 1.8 in 2011. According to the Congressional Research Service, from 1994 to 2009 firearm ownership and availability has skyrocketed from 192 million firearms to approximately 310 million firearms. These statistics are showing that although there has been a massive growth in firearms being available and bought by citizens, there has been a shocking decrease in actual gun violence.

Statistically, this would show that more access to firearms for law abiding citizens would then lead to lower gun violence. How would this make sense? More guns equaling less gun violence wouldn’t typically be logical in other scenarios. Democrats have pushed an agenda of removing firearms from the hands of law-abiding citizens, but that would not be realistic. For example, Chicago has very strict gun control laws yet has one of the absolute highest gun violence rates in the United States. These statistics show that making it significantly more difficult for law-abiding citizens to own a firearm does not make the country any safer. It actually does  the opposite. In order to defeat a criminal, you must know how one thinks. If you are going to buy a firearm for malicious acts, buying it legally would be foolish. Going through background checks and having the firearm registered in a government database under your name would make committing crimes significantly more difficult.

The left has proposed a policy that entails banning the so-called “assault rifle.” What they describe as an assault rifle is a rifle that would be  used in military combat. Luckily these are already banned under federal law. Weapons that are automatic which are used for military and law enforcement only are not allowed for civilian possession without a class 3 license.

Data from the National Institute for Justice showing that gun violence rates are decreasing, and the number of guns owned is increasing – Photo courtesy of

There are civilian versions of these firearms that are semi-automatic, which means only one bullet fires out of the weapon when pulling the trigger. But let’s say we get rid of the civilian version of these rifles, how many shootings are actually caused by these types of guns? According to the FBI’s most recent statistics, in 2014 only 248 homicides were committed with rifles. This counts assault rifles and any other type of rifle, which counts for 3% of all total firearm associated homicides from that year. Handguns carry out significantly more homicides, ranking at 5,562 total homicides, which is roughly 68% of the total firearm-associated homicides from 2014. Why don’t Democrats and the left side of the political aisle just ban all guns? The reason is that a full ban of firearms would be completely unconstitutional and would not pass the Supreme Court or the American people, because the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution states that it will not be infringed.

The last thing I would like to cover is the right to conceal carry a firearm. Democrats have attempted to remove this right multiple times and have been successful in multiple states. Forty-two out of fifty of our states allow concealed carry permits, but some are harder to obtain a permit for than others. The left has promoted a plethora of myths regarding conceal carry. One of the myths is people obtain a conceal carry permit in order to easily commit crimes. This could not be further from the truth. According to a study conducted by Gun Facts, citizens who have a permit to conceal carry a firearm are 5.7 times less likely to be arrested for violent crimes and 13.5 times less likely to commit nonviolent crimes than the rest of the population in the US.

These statistics show that citizens who have concealed carry permits are not obtaining them to easily commit crimes, but instead to protect themselves from those who want to hurt them or their family. These debunked myths are believed by millions of Americans because of the left attempting to scare citizens into their unconstitutional agenda.



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