Opinion: Changing negative thinking to a healthy mindset

Carliss Lewis
Contributing Writer

The state of mind is more powerful than any weapon in life. Your mind could stop you from living the lifestyle you desire to have and being who you strive to be. This is why it is important that you learn how to control your thoughts. The way you think can either disempower or empower you. One of many great ways to change your thoughts and emotions faster than you can blink is through a technique called “transformation vocabulary.”

The old saying, “you are what you think you are,” is absolutely true. Everybody can recall situations in their life when they had the state of mind of feeling intelligent, as well as dumb. When you tell yourself that you are intelligent, this state of mind will have you act as an intelligent person would; by having the mindset of being brilliant you will be outspoken, confident in your decision-making, and independent.

However, when you call yourself dumb, you will act as a foolish person would, causing you to not be outspoken as you would like to be, and not trusting yourself in the choices you have made in the past. Overall, this thinking will make you feel dependent and vulnerable which can lead you to potentially take poor advice from anyone.

Words are powerful because words have meaning in life; therefore, people use words to label situations. For example, if a man approaches a woman and the woman does not show any interest, the man may have the state of mind of being rejected. Although there are many words in English that he can use instead of rejected, such as, “misunderstood” and “still available,” society would use the most negative word, which could put them in a negative state of mind. Transformation vocabulary will always be a great way to keep a positive state of mind.

It’s not what has happened to you, it’s how you interpret what happens to you that gives you a negative or positive point of view in life.

Having a beneficial state of mind is vital. Always be aware what you think and always be informed how the people around you think. The words, state of mind, and energy from family members, relationships, and friends you choose to hang around with will help you evolve into the person you will be. If you want to live the healthy lifestyle you seek and be the person you aspire to be, just have in mind that everything internal will change the external things around you.

Now, go live your best life with a prosperous state of mind. Peace, love and happiness from yours truly.


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