SPARK president focuses on recycling on campus

By Alyssa Hughes
Assistant Freeform Editor

Tabitha Furst, current president of Students Promoting Acts of Recycling at Kutztown, has plans to increase the number of recycling bins on the KU campus. The 21-year-old junior, along with Thor Banks, the SPARK advisor, came up with this idea after Banks learned that there should be one recycling bin for every trash can on campus. However, it seems this one-to-one ratio has not yet been accomplished.

“Some buildings don’t have recycling bins at all,” says Furst. “I feel like adding them makes the campus one step closer to being more eco-friendly and sustainable.”

Furst believes that students would be more likely to separate their trash from their recycling if both options are available to them. She says that many students do not recycle because trash cans are more easily accessible than recycling bins are.

Since the club decided to start this project in November, they have been reaching out to both housing and campus custodians. While speaking to both, they have run into some problems.

Shannon Poole (top left), Tabitha Furst(front), and Keri Quigley (right) holding a pledge table on Family Day – Photo Courtesy of Dan Einsla

According to Furst, SPARK is having trouble getting the recycling bins funded. Since the university prefers a clean-looking campus, cheap bins have been thrown out of the picture. Finding recycling bins that are both affordable and pleasant looking has proven to be an issue.

The custodial staff is also giving SPARK some trouble. Furst believes that they don’t want to be in charge of emptying the bins, so getting them on board is still an ongoing project.

However, Furst refuses to give up hope. “The environment is something I feel passionate about,” she says. “Having more recycling bins on campus is helping our environment.”

Furst hopes SPARK will make progress on the recycling bins by the end of the semester.

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