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Ignite Talks sweep the U.S.

Presentations consist of 20 slides shown over the course of five minutes

By Paige Kaltenbach

“Enlighten us, but make it quick” is the official motto of Ignite Talks, a presentation-style trend that is sweeping across the U.S. The idea is for each participant to present 20 slides in five minutes.

Ignite topics are very broad. They can be fun or educational, but they must be fast.
The communication club at KU is presenting its very own Ignite Talks Event, which will be held in Rickenbach Learning Center on Thursday, April 6 from 7-9 p.m.

Entry is by donation and all proceeds go toward the communication club’s senior scholarship fund.

According to the Ignite Kutztown group on Facebook, anyone can sign up for Ignite Talk Events and speakers can talk about anything they are passionate about.

Ignite events started in Seattle in 2006 and have become an international phenomenon. These events have taken place at more than 500 companies and universities before landing a spot at KU.

“Topics should be about something you love and enjoy. It is a great way to get your research or word out there and an awesome way to practice public speaking. This quick presentation will look great on any resume,” said communication club president, Megan Luckenbaugh.
Luckenbaugh came up with the idea to bring Ignite Talks to KU with help from the communication club advisor, Emily Cripe, a KU professor.

According to, the result of this is a fast and fun presentation that lasts just five minutes. The website also states that “Ignite’s mission is ‘Everyone Speaks.’”

The website indicates that “public speaking builds confidence in individuals and that events like Ignite build community. Our goal is to make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to learn to present their ideas and their stories.”

Anyone interested in becoming a speaker at the KU Ignite event can apply by emailing with a one-paragraph summary pitch of what they plan to speak about. The deadline to sign up is March 28.

Those interested in attending the April 6 event can “like” the Ignite Kutztown group on Facebook.

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