CPAC speakers praise Trump

Four-day conference rallies conservative supporters

By Amanda Sura
Assistant Opinions Editor


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Vice President Mike Pence address CPAC audience –

Trump flipped off the establishments when he ran for president. He turned them on their heads when he won. “He turned the blue wall red,” as Vice President Mike Pence would later say. I admire him for that. The eccentric win sealed his position at CPAC. He became the second presidential speaker in the event’s history, Reagan being the first.

Conservatives mostly vote Republican. Until his run for presidency, Trump flip-flopped between parties. He was never a conservative. His Twitter campaign consisted of insulting everyone, anywhere and at any time. I’ll side with the Democrats regarding his case of verbal

laxatives. Can someone change that man’s password already?

Insults aside, Trump’s cabinet and VP Pence can reign him in. During his speech at CPAC, Pence said, “President Trump has assembled the strongest conservative cabinet in my lifetime bar none.” He then compared Trump to the likes of Ronald Reagan. I think it will be Pence molding Trump into that image

Money is a problem. Or lack of it. I asked a lifelong Republican, “Do you think Trump can win a second term?” He said, “If he can turn the economy around he will.” Trump is the man to do it. Tax reductions, regulation cuts and balancing trade are vital in doing this. Bring the economy out of the gutters.

Trump’s executive orders are a problem. I asked a college student attendee, “How do you like Trump so far?” He said, “I don’t like how he is making several executive orders.” I couldn’t agree more. Republicans are the majority in Congress. It’s time to throw the dogs a bone.

Back on the main stage, the audience was asked, “Who liked Trump prior to his presidency?” Crickets could be heard. I thought that was a bad sign. “Who likes Trump after the election?” The crowd shot up screaming. Only a handful of others remained seated. Their eyes matched my own bewilderment.

“Enemy of the people,” becomes Trumps new catch phrase for the evening. I suppose he forgot to take Imodium before his speech.

His criticism of “fake news” stirred up controversy. We have a right to criticize the media. It has its faults. Remember Iraq’s WMDs?

Trump defined Conservatism to be “…a nation that puts, and will put, its own citizens first.” It already had its defining principles. Small government, free markets, individual liberty and responsibility, a strong national defense and a value set based on Judeo-Christian beliefs are of its core. Trump will not be redefining or rebranding the movement. He can change blue states red. But he cannot change history.

Adding fuel to the fire, Trump claimed to be back at CPAC. The crowd cheered. I don’t want CPAC to turn into a worship Trump alter. It has so much to more to offer. Conservatism established itself prior to Trump. It will outlive him. It’s timeless.

“This is our time,” said Pence. It’s true. We are stronger than ever. Time to set aside petty differences and unite. There will not be a party divide on the Right. However, the leviathans on the Left will rip their own party apart.


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