Swastika, pentagram made with water near Lehigh Hall

Report filed with Housing, Public Safety

By Andrew Kutzer

A swastika and pentagram were drawn with water near the Lehigh dormitory during the week of Thanksgiving, according to Acting Director of Residence Life Desiree Reasoner.

Reasoner said, “I’m emailed all the entries in the duty log [from the on-duty graduate students] and that was one of them that was in the duty log. When I followed up with the director who was on call [they said] it was water. So, they were able to make it disappear.”

A report was filed with the graduate student on duty during the night of the incident. Public Safety was called to record the incident, according to Reasoner. “They came down and took a photograph,” said Reasoner, on the drawing of the swastika and pentagram.

Blane Richardson, an undeclared freshman, saw the symbols when heading to Lehigh from South Dining Hall. “The first one I saw was a pentagram,” Richardson said. “I looked around and saw the swastika was a couple feet down the sidewalk the other way.”

Richardson said after seeing the symbols, he informed the Lehigh building’s desk receptionists. “I think whatever way it’s portrayed, I don’t think it’s right,” said Richardson.

Richardson said the symbols were left to evaporate. “I just feel like, at the same time, whatever people see it in that two to three hour span, it’s still noticeable,” said Richardson. “I think it is a pretty big deal because of it’s meaning and the history behind it.”

According to Reasoner, the swastika symbol falls under the university’s harm to others policy. Housing would have to reach out to students to determine the impact of the pentagram and make a determination if it fell under the policy if they were to take action.

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