Dry summer causes need for renovations to Keystone Field

Athletes express concern about grass surface

By Michael Sweger


Dry weather and lack of rain played a big part in the poor condition of Keystone Field in the early weeks of the semester. All but two home games were played on Keystone Field, which is the playing grounds for the women’s soccer and lacrosse teams located on the south side of campus.

George Fladeland, a member of the Student Government Board, was asked if the board had heard anything about the condition of Keystone Field.

He said that multiple student athletes had come forward to express that the condition of the field was poor.

“Of course we want all of our athletic fields to be in the best possible condition, but there is a process that we have to follow before we can give anyone money,” Fladeland said.
Will Meeker, the director of Campus Services at KU, explained that the space was not meant to be a sports field. When the university started the soccer team, the area that is now known as Keystone Field was the only area on campus that filled all of the qualifications for them.

“If you look at the field now, it looks great,” Meeker said.

During the dry, hot summers the grass dies and sometimes does not grow back by the time the soccer team begins their practice.

Meeker said they have made minor repairs to Keystone Field in early weeks of the semester when the weather was too dry for the grass to grow.

He continued saying that once the year goes on the problems of the field will get better.

“There are no wholescale renovations planned for the near future,” said Meeker, and went on to say that the university is looking into long term options to improving the field.

The KU women’s soccer season came to an end last week in one of their best finishes in school history, losing to Western Washington in the NCAA Final Four.

The Golden Bears played all but two home games on Keystone Field.

The lacrosse team finished their 2016 season with 7 wins and 10 losses while the soccer team finished their regular season with 20 wins and 4 losses and ended their playoff run as the 2016 Atlantic Region Champions.

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